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Establishment of monitoring of one village security personnel meets with be stru
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"The top of building of tower above of solar energy height that the building carries on the head avoids thunder is taken, the solar energy when thunder happening becomes to receive shine implement, cause 2 buildings elevator to control interior of ark, elevator to photograph like head, Lou Yu entrance guard is opposite tell amplifier of system and signal of village closed-circuit television to be attacked bad. " 19 days, city of filial piety feeling prevents thunder center staff member to pointing to be said by the establishment of security personnel monitoring with bad be struck by lightning.
On August 14 before dawn 2 when 45 minutes or so, weather of our city occurrence thunderstorm, 2 buildings and elevator of room of security personnel monitoring control village of residence of Shuang Yayuan of the city zone interior of ark, elevator is photographed like head, Lou Yu entrance guard is opposite tell system, fire control to control ark, fire control to control ark the establishment such as amplifier of signal of special phone, closed-circuit television is attacked bad.
After happening of the situation of a disaster, city prevents thunder center staff member to hurry to the spot instantly, undertake an analysis to thunderstruck circumstance, preliminary judgement: The height of solar energy water heater that residential building floor carries on the head all top of tower above building avoids thunder is taken, avoid thunder belt already cannot protect solar energy water heater right now. Report of the buy inside solar energy water heater heats power supply cord and sensor line are direct and indoor, solar energy water heater already became to receive shine implement, when be struck by lightning, lightning current can pass the conduit of water heater, power supply cord and line to invade residential building, cause building elevator to control the establishment such as ark to be attacked bad. To this, city of filial piety feeling prevents thunder center to ask this village is in top of floor of every house building installs lightning rod. ';

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